the Catalyst

... the journey is the destination...

This adventure is a direct result of a hand injury I sustained last summer in June 2010.  I randomly hacked into my left hand with a tool from Sweden called a 'Sanvik' - similar to an axe, but very light weight.  I was out of commission for 3 months and it was one of the greatest challenges I have ever had.   We take for granted our healthy bodies and the ways in which we use them on a daily basis.  Even though my injury was not life threatening, it fully took me out of the game that I am so used to playing.  Both my work and recreation halted abruptly.  Without the ability to get outside and participate in the facets of life I truly enjoy, I instead started reading books and threads of adventure motorcycle travel.  Why...  I have no idea?  I just got into motorcycles a few years ago and knew nothing much about them, only that I have always thought they are cool and fun to ride. There are a great deal of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide who load their bikes to the gills and hit the open road.
I am now going to be one of them.

the tool with the 'tool' in the middle of this collage

I have now had x2 hand surgeries and all of the splints and physio I can manage over the last 8 months.  My left hand is now in working order (for the most part) and I'm hoping 'clutching' my motorcycle through the USA, Baja, Mexico, into Central America as far as the road goes (Darien Gap - Panama) and then ALL the way back home again will be the ticket for a full recovery. 

(top L-R) post surgery #1, surgery #2 starts pic #12 

the plethora of splints and 'finger-bending' devices