the Mission

The Rider:  BA Belton - the B with the A.  The a is the alexander.  This is the alexander project.

The Motorcycle:  2005 Kawasaki KLR 650

The Surfboard:  6'10" Olea hybrid. 

The Goal:  the goal of this trip is to get the motorcycle and the rider (surfboard may or may not make the cut) as far south as the road goes physically from British Columbia... safely. <key word here for Mom. 

The end of the road is Yaviza, Panama... the start of the Darien Gap.  Yaviza is located east south east from Panama City.  Here, the road ends, stops, finishes.  If this goal is achieved, the rider and the motorcycle will take the classic Yaviza Bridge picture and then will turn around, crack the throttle, and head on home.  

The surfboard is an added 'extra' that will accompany the aforementioned rider for a component of the journey.  This 'component' is unknown and will be determined as the journey progresses. 

The How? 

The rider and the motorcycle will travel from BC to northern California, in and on a flat deck Ford.  The surfboard has been shipped and is waiting for retrieval in southern California.  This is the location of key 'product-testing' of the journey where the rider, the motorcycle and the surfboard reunite.  The rider has intentions of traveling with the surfboard on the motorcycle as far as southern Baja, Mexico (San Jose del Cabo) at which time it will be re-evaluated whether or not the surfboard will continue along on this journey.

The surfboard is the obvious wild-card in this mix.  The surfboard wants to make the cut. 

The Duration: 

3+ months

Departue date:  February 24, 2011
Return date:  end of May 2011

thanks for the map D.