Saturday, May 14, 2011

Snap-Shots and Captions-Captain.

The road from Durango to Mazatlan was a stretch that I didn't want to miss... 300+kms of twisty, mountain fun on a motorcycle (and well deserved after all those straight, boring toll-roads as of late)

Hotel Plaza Cathedral in Durango - situated on a pedestrian road closed to traffic

I rode my moto right down the pedestrian-only road, past some Policia and right into the hotel lobby for the night, I love Mexico!

Main Lobby - Hotel Plaza Cathedral in Durango, Mexico.

The first 100km of road between Durango and Mazatlan heading West brings you high into pine covered forests and logging country, I felt like I was back home in BC.

This wasn't the Mexico I was used to.

TREES with bark and needles!

Quick pit-stop on the side of the highway for a hot bevy-warm-up... I was freezing at ~2800m.

Starting the decent of the El Espinazo del Diablo between Durango and Mazatlan MEX.  No more snap-shots as I was having too much fun riding this amazing stretch of road.  200+ kms of pure-incredible. 

Back to the Pacific!  Playa Olas Altas - Mazatlan Viejo.

'When in Rome'... or Mazatlan, I figured to be a true tourista... I'd have to get a lift in one of these babies!

Luis, my driver, putting a hint of petrol in his VW tourist-mobile.... 'muy economico!', he says.

Cruising Mazatlan in style, or I should say, just like all the other tourists.


Living the dream...

Back to the Pacific Coast to Tourist-Ville-Mexico.

Mazatlan, Mexico.

Views from my $32 Mazatlan room - muscled it down from $45

Rolled 30K on Rojo heading up the Pacific Coast

'Under the Mango-Tree' - time for oil-change number 3 in a deserted RV Park - San Carlos, Mexico.

San Carlos, Mexico - Snowbird haven, but they had all flown back home, the RV Parks were deserted.
San Carlos, Mexico - just north of Guaymas, roughly ~450kms from the US border.  Another day or two and I'll be back into the US of A with 15 borders down and only 1 to go.

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  1. Hi BA, I have been following your travels and I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Such an amazing trip I am so glad you went for it!!!!