Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Santa Cruzes, Zebras, Malibus, and Monicas

The road from Petaluma, CA, south proved to be fantastic riding although it was a hint cold and I kept noticing 'ICY' signs on the shoulder which were a tad unnerving on a motorcycle.  I hit Point Reyes in no time and then continued south on the Hwy 1.  I was lucky to hit amazing weather and good roads.  I've read and have now experienced some of the best roads for riding... along the 1 through Big Sur south.  I've driven it once years ago, but nothing can compare to riding it on a motorcycle.   

The Golden Gate by day - had to get the tourista pic here...

This feels more like California. 

I hit Santa Cruz, CA in the late afternoon and met up with my good friend Nora.  I met Nora surfing in Cabo a few years back.  Her friend Kirsten was visiting from Germany and the two are headed to hit some sun and surf in Hawaii in about a week.  We had a good time on the town with burgers and goblet sized beers.

Nora's beach house in Santa Cruz, CA

I got the hint from Alphie the cat that it was time to leave...

I was thinking of trading the KLR in for this machine

South of Big Sur, CA

Nice asses... I mean zebras... WTF are zebras doing in CA!?!?
So there was this dude named William Randolph Hearst - a media mogul of the 40s or something... well, he had so much money he decided to import items from around the globe for his kingdom... including zebras.  Thats right... zebras.  This picture was taken right off the 101 just south of the Hearst Castle. 

I did a tour of the Hearst Castle years back and it was super interesting.  Check it out:  Hearst Castle

Who knew ... in California??

Trying to decide how far south to head. 

Fuel prices in this area were crazy expensive.

Morro Bay, CA.
Morro Bay's  'Rock'

I made it as far as Morro Bay, California along the 101.  It was a really great ocean side community famous for 'the ROCK' which is a huge rock that jets out of the water and sits right out front of the town.  Also, the Morro 'stacks' sit right out front of town - the steam condenser power-plant that was erected in the 1950s. 

My morning south from Morro was wet and windy, two variables that aren't the most fun on a motorcycle, kind of a crap-combo to be honest.  I pounded the kms as best as possible along the 101 south, turned the iPod up and hung on to the handlebars.  Hours later, I was still doing the same thing.  It began to rain harder so I donned the rain gear and tried to 'pull up my socks' and not whine too much. 

I had a hint of a mishap the past few mornings while zipping up my Patagonia down-sweater (the zipper kept splitting) so I thought I should swing by the old warehouse that Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard started making climbing pitons in... it is now a fancy Patagonia store, chalked full of outdoorzie-retail-priced bliss.  The cutie at the front desk gladly took my split-zippered item and replaced it with a shiny new one... gratis.  Nice, gotta love getting places with the bat of an eyelash. 

Patagonia headquarters, Ventura, California.

Wheres my longboard when I need it?
Malibu California.

Malibu, CA.

Waves at Malibu were tiny, but looked like fun nonetheless. 

Zoltar at Santa Monica pier was trying to tell me what is to come...
My digs for the night just up from the Santa Monica pier.

Another Fat Tire Ale, a sweet-new Patagonia down sweater free o' charge and a king-sized bed.  Life is pretty good after a long day on the road.

Tomorrow, I'm going to watch some surf at the Hunnington Beach pier, eat at Wahoos Fish Tacos and head south to Encinitas to fetch my board and some other goodies I shipped down from BC.

A few days there and then Baja-bound!


  1. did you get a look at "Mavericks" as you rode by?

  2. Love the Zoltar pic! Now you just need a pic playing chopsticks on a giant keyboard!

  3. So happy to hear the board and bike work!! safe travels and play :)