Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time to get back to work

I say this as the truth.  Having the past few days in Cabo to unwind and relax has been fantastic.  Chilling with my Dad, eating well, drinking cervesas and surfing every day has been a nice break from days on the bike.  That being said... I look forward to firing up my bike and heading back out on the road.  

I'm heading up to La Paz, Baja in a couple of hours and I catch my ferry to mainland Mexico at 7pm tonight.  I'm glad I booked my ticket last week when I did as I could see myself waking up in Cabo with a mystery of where the past 4+ weeks went.  

It is now time to get back to work.  Time to get back to my focus, back to my goal.  Time to get my synapses firing in line, to put my head down and to get my bike pointed south.

La Paz, Baja Mexico.

Leaving the Hotel Yeneka hours before reaching Cabo. 

Back to where I had my board made, this time arriving on my moto.

Having eats and cervesas at the Baja Brewing Co. with my Padre

The streets of San Jose del Cabo's 'Old Town' have been exciting and vibrant since I arrived.  They are having an 11 day celebration in honour of the City's patron saint - San Jose (St. Joseph).  There are a ton of food vendors, live music, entertainment, with carnivals and parades this weekend.  The festival ramps right up and the grand celebration will happen in the main square this weekend. 

Tacos al pastor (shaved pork), one of my favourites down here. 

My Dad satisfying his sweet-tooth

Me and my chicas...

So, I bought another board from Alex at the Costa Azul Surf Shop.  After buying my ferry ticket to mainland Mexico, I changed my plan to come back through Cabo on my way home in May.  The ferry ticket was about $300 so I figure I will be able to save that 3 hundy on my way back north.  I'll instead use it for fuel and accommodation to get home. 

After planning not to come back, I figured I'd pick up a different board that I could sell either in Costa Rica or Panama before heading back north.  Alex set me up with a similar design (in the pic above - board on the right) to the design he made custom for me in the fall (above on the left).  The board I'll take and sell is a 6'10" squash tail which is super fun.  I took it out to the local break and caught some good waves.  Thanks to Alex Olea for all of his help and support at Costa Azul. 

Heading out to fuel-up - the only day I took Rojo for a spin on his days-off.  I had a nice garage to store my bike while here... (thanks to Eric for the use of his garage.) 

You could see how easy it would be to stay here

Acapulquito surf break

Alex Olea trying out one of his new spring shapes.

Alex Olea

Dad enjoying a ceviche de camaron at our friend Jesus's restaurant 'T.N.T.' in San Jose.

Time to load up my bike, eat some lunch and then hit the road.  Thanks to my Dad for his generosity and support.

Time for Mexico....


  1. Ronnie B is looking sharp! Glad to see all went well on the trip to Cabo - always great to see the "all good" GPS report. Good luck on the next leg.

  2. Looking forward to journeying through your blog. Your surf tips were generous and right on although the sea urchin still wanted to say hello to Idaho! The Idaho surf isn't so good unless you're in a kayak, but you have a new place to stop if you're ever in our neck of the woods. Josh and Jen Knight, Boise, Idaho

  3. (Dan A here) I second Bomber's note...Ronnie B - Lookin' SHARP!

    Keep the rubber side down bud....